Motorola XOOM tablet to launch at Best Buy on February 17th?

Motorola XOOM

If a leaked Best Buy document obtained by Engadget is correct, the Android 3.0-powered Motorola XOOM tablet could launch as early as February 17th. Stock of the device should arrive the day before, just in time for the launch party.

It’s not clear when Verizon will launch it. It typically launches new devices on Thursdays so there is a chance that it will offer it a few days before Best Buy.

The price also remains a bit of a mystery. One rumour puts it at about US$800 with no subsidies (about US$250 with a two-year contract) although Engadget suggests a price of US$699.99 through Best Buy. Could the latter be the Wi-Fi only version?

As for us in Canada, there is still no word on when it could become available here.

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