RIM planning BlackBerry Torch 10000?

Is Research In Motion about to step into 5 digit range for upcoming device model numbers? That seems to be what Asurion, a mobile device insurer, believes. Its help site briefly featured the BlackBerry Torch 10000 (and still lists the Apple iPhone 5) in their device database for the carrier AT&T.

BlackBerry Torch 10000?

With the next version of BlackBerry to be known as BlackBerry 10, RIM may be looking at tying model numbers to it using this numbering scheme. Could the upcomingBlackBerry London end up as the Torch 10000? Could we see a Bold 10000 later? Then again, with BlackBerry 10 devices nearly a year out, a lot could still change.

Asurion has now removed the BlackBerry Torch 10000 from its database but still lists the iPhone 5. Select ‘Advanced Search’ and in the ‘Limit by product’ field, choose ‘AT&T,’ ‘Phones’ and ‘Apple’ to see it in the Advanced Search.

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