SMS vulnerability found in Windows Phone 7.5

Windows PhoneIt looks like you can add Windows Phone 7.5 to the list of mobile operating systems that can suffer from SMS vulnerabilities. A new flaw can allegedly force a reboot and disable the messaging functionality on a Windows Phone device. As the video below shows, the exploit works by sending a malicious SMS to the device and forcing a reboot and messaging service shutdown. Malicious Facebook chat messages or Windows Live Messenger messages can also trigger the same behaviour.

WinRumors has tested a number of Windows Phone devices, including the HTC TITAN and Samsung Focus Flash, and different versions of Windows Phone 7.5. All so far appear to be vulnerable.

Unlike similar flaws on other mobile operating systems, this one does not appear to have any security ramifications. It does not allow an attacker to take over the device.

Microsoft has been made aware of the issue. While there is no workaround at this time, it’s likely that a fix will be provided in a future update.

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