VimpelCom reaffirms support for WIND Mobile

WIND MobileWhen Amsterdam-based VimpelCom merged last year with Orascom Telecom Holding SAE, many wondered what would happen to WIND Mobile and the backing it had received from Orascom. WIND Mobile welcomed the news but must also have hoped that it was not among the “non core” assets that Vimpelcom intended to divest itself of.

Ossama Bessada, VimpelCom’s head of the Europe and North America business unit, now appears to have put those fears to rest. “We’re not going to pull the plug, for sure,” he said, adding that “Canada fits nicely within VimpelCom’s balanced portfolio of wireless assets.” Bessada had more good news for WIND Mobile. He expects that VimpelCom will provide WIND Mobile with financial assistance in Canada’s next wireless auction (possibly in late 2012) as well as future expansion and consolidation.

Bessada also had good news for consumers, indicating that he believes there is room for Canadian prices to drop further.

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