Virgin Mobile joins Bell in launching 4G in Saskatchewan

Virgin Mobile Canada

Last week, Bell announced that it was launching its 4G network in Saskatchewan today. It should come as no surprise then that Virgin Mobile, a Bell flanker brand, today announced that it was also launching its 4G network there. It offers download speeds up to 21Mbps and typical speeds of 3.5 to 8Mbps.

“Our Members in Saskatchewan have experienced the hottest Members Benefits in fashion, music, entertainment and travel and now we’re offering our Members amazing smartphones in the province,” says Robert Blumenthal, president, Virgin Mobile Canada. “Now that the 4G network is available in Saskatchewan, Members can get all the latest smartphones – from touchscreen to QWERTY, Android to BlackBerry and more – starting at $0. Plus, it all still comes with the amazing Care that Virgin Mobile brings you every day!”

Along with the new network comes new devices such as the HTC Incredible S, Samsung Galaxy 550 and the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Virgin Mobile is also offering a limited time offer where new members can get up to a $100 in-store credit or gift card that can be used on any smartphone over $0 and accessories when they choose certain 4G phones.

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