Xperia arc Google Android 2.4 just a misconfiguration?

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Remember that Sony Ericsson Xperia arc running Android 2.4 that was spotted last week? In a post that looks more closely at the device, Sony Ericsson has cleared this up, indicating that the version number is no more than a “misconfiguration in some samples and nothing to get too excited about really.”

Other device details revealed include that Mediascape is now a customizable widget-based “media pane,” that it comes comes with full multitouch support, and supports 802.11 n Wi-Fi.

Sony Ericsson does not go as far as promising future Android release updates but does indicate that “the changes we have made to our way of working with Android puts us in a good position to make sure that Xperia arc will get later versions in a timely manner.”

It appears that we can put all those Android 2.4 rumours to rest now…

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