Amazon smartphone to launch in Q2 or Q3 2013?

AmazonAnother report is indicating that Amazon will launch its rumoured smartphone in Q2 or Q3 2013. It could sell for as little as between US$100 and US$200.

Supporting earlier reports, Foxconn is identified as the device manufacturer. It is expected to ship up to five million units by the end of 2013.

Little is known about the Amazon smartphone. Foxconn is allegedly working with touch panel makers J Touch and Young Fast Optoelectronics without giving specific details. Like the Kindle Fire, it is expected to run on a modified version of Google Android.

The report also indicates that Amazon is already developing the next-generation Kindle Fire tablet. It is set to launch in Q3 2013 and will be manufactured by Quanta Computer Inc. and Compal Electronics Inc.

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