Another BlackBerry 10 keyboard video demonstration

The buildup to the BlackBerry 10 launch early next year continues. Research In Motion yesterday posted another BlackBerry 10 software keyboard demonstration video. It quickly touches upon a number of the keyboard’s features including the ability to swipe word predictions and the visual familiarity of the iconic BlackBerry keyboard.

It’s no secret that BlackBerry fans love their keyboards, and for BlackBerry 10 we wanted to make sure that the typing experience is unmatched. Who better to show us around the keyboard than Vivek Bhardwaj, our Head of Software Portfolio and demo man extraordinaire!

The video also focuses on a feature RIM calls “Space Inference” which automatically inserts space between words if you miss hitting the space bar.

RIM will formally launch BlackBerry 10 and its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30th, 2013.

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