Apple to launch iPhone 5S in mid-2013?

AppleApple may launch a new iPhone model as soon as early next year. According to the Chinese-language China Times, Apple will introduce a new iPhone along with a new iPad, and Apple TV device sometime in the first half of the year. The iPhone 5S could launch first and be followed by a new iPad about a quarter later.

Production of the iPhone 5S could start sometime in December with initial runs of between 50,000 and 100,000 units. Volume production would then follow sometime in Q1 2013.

Little is known about the iPhone 5S but if Apple follows past naming patterns, the new S model will come with a number of small component upgrades but will sport the same design as the Apple iPhone 5.

Production challenges of its current iPhone 5 and iPads appears to be the reason that Apple is accelerating the certification and deployment of new devices.

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