BBM Remember to be new BlackBerry 10 task app?

Research In Motion has confirmed that its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system will include no BlackBerry 7 legacy code and is built instead on its QNX acquisition. Existing apps and services will be updated and new ones will also be unveiled. We caught a glimpse yesterday of BBM Video and another leaked slide also obtained via the CrackBerry forums today has revealed BlackBerry Remember.

Rumoured BBM Remember app

BlackBerry Remember will be BB10’s new task app. It also promises to do more than simply track your upcoming tasks and to-do’s. it promises to let you “capture and organize content and ideas in a way that makes it easy to decide what to do next.” You will be able to create tasks and goals from anywhere on the device and group them and track your progress for each. BBM Remember will also sync these tasks with your Outlook calendar.

All should be revealed at RIM’s upcoming worldwide unveiling events on January 30th, 2013.

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