Bell launches Motorola RAZR V (Updated)

Motorola RAZR VBell today became the first Canadian carrier to offer the recently announced Motorola RAZR V. Billed by Motorola as “the RAZR for everyone”, its specifications are still enough to have Bell classify it as one of its superphones.

The Motorola RAZR V is an evolution from the original Motorola RAZR. Among the improvements it features is a much better 4.3-inch qHD (540×960) ColourBoost display. It also sports Android 4.0.4 preloaded. It retains the distinctive shape and Kevlar backing of the previous model.

Bell is offering the Motorola RAZR V for CA$29.95 with a three-year contract or CA$399.95 with no contract.

Update: It is also available from Virgin Mobile Canada for CA$29.95 with a three-year contract or the Virgin MobileSuperTab, CA$149.95 or CA$349.95 with no contract.

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