Bell looking to build cross-shaped cellphone tower

Bell is already looking at building cellphone towers that look like trees. In Milton, it could soon be building one that looks like a cross. Much like the tree-shaped ones, the intent is for the towers to blend in with their surroundings. The new tower would allow it to address “the fast-growing demand for high-speed wireless services by consumers and business customers in the area.”

Cross-shaped cellphone tower

The 29.9-metre high tower does not require municipal approval but resident reaction has been mixed. There are esthetic concerns as well as well as health worries. As for New Life Church Pastor Dan Rogge, he said, “Would Jesus be proud of us for embracing a symbol of his love? I believe he would. It’s not Disney north. We’re trying to do this reverently.”

It would not be the first time that Bell erects a cross-shaped cellphone tower. It already has one up at a Mississauga church. It also has used chimneys, flagpoles and clocktowers.

Read more: The Toronto Star (Source: Mobile Syrup)