CA$650 million TELUS investment in Ontario includes LTE coverage expansion

TELUSTELUS today announced that it will invest CA$650 million “in advanced technology” in Ontario over the next three years. It will use the money to expand its LTE network, hire 900 new employees, improve its healthcare technology used for its drug claims services, and support unique community fundraising projects.

“Technology is a foundation of a stronger provincial economy,” said Joe Natale, TELUS’ Chief Commercial Officer. “These investments will help support growth across our wireline and wireless services, meeting the exponential demand for advanced communications technology that we see across the province, and indeed across the country. They’ll improve the reach and capacity of our network for existing business customers, and consumers. And, of particular importance, they will help to connect additional rural and small communities. At the same time, hiring 900 people will help us support the future economic prosperity of Ontario.”

This year, TELUS will extend LTE coverage to the National Capital Region, Barrie, Windsor, Muskoka, Niagara area and Kingston. It expects to cover more than 95 per cent of people in Ontario by 2015 when it completes the expansion. It warns though that this expansion will depend on iat ability to “secure necessary wireless spectrum through Industry Canada’s upcoming spectrum auctions.”

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