Cancelled HP Stingray revealed in promotional video

While Hewlett-Packard still had plans for webOS devices, a number of rumours hinted at a device codenamed Stingray (as well as Windsor Not). It was supposed to be a keyboard-less webOS device similar to the HTC Evo. A short promotional video released by Transparent House, a design firm that has worked with HP, now appears to confirm those rumours.

It’s not clear why the video was released today but with HP having put to rest plans to release further webOS devices, it is probably no longer a secret that it needs to hang on to.

The report adds that the HP Stingray was headed to AT&T but was cancelled due to its lack of LTE connectivity.

The video could not be embedded here but can viewed here at Vimeo.

Another video shows the HP Opal (also known as the HP TouchPad Go), its rumoured 7-inch TouchPad tablet.

Read more: Transparent House (via Vimeo) (Source: The Verge)