CES 2012: QWERTY BlackBerry 10 devices still coming

Research In MotionWhile Research In Motion is focusing on BlackBerry 7 (and the new 7.1 update) and PlayBook 2.0 at CES, it still had time to drop a few tidbits about the upcoming BlackBerry 10.

Despite rumours that RIM is currently focusing on a single BlackBerry 10 touchscreen-only device, Marty Mallick, a RIM senior director of business development, reiterated the company’s commitment to eventually offering BB10 QWERTY devices. “There will be touch BB10 devices as well as QWERTY BB10 devices. Both of those will exist,” he told PC Mag. No timeline was given though.

Mallick also said that developers planning BB10 apps can start with the PlayBook. “The toolkit, emulators, and environment we provide for the PlayBook will be consistent with the environment we provide for BB10,” he explained. For example, BB10 smartphones may not have the same resolution as the PlayBook but they will have the same aspect ratio.

RIM is expected to announce further BB10 details at the company’s European developers’ convention in mid-February and at Mobile World Congress in late February.

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