Front of the QWERTY BlackBerry 10 N-Series smartphone revealed?

On the heels of that alleged image of the back of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 QWERTY N-Series smartphone (perhaps to be known as the BlackBerry X10?) comes a new image, this time of the front of the device:

Rumoured BlackBerry 10 N-Series smartphone

It is very similar to an earlier image leaked back in September. This one shows the front-facing camera better. One thing is clear, the BlackBerry X10 shares much of its looks with the older BlackBerry Bold 9900 albeit with a straightened out keyboard layout.

No additional details were revealed about the device. RIM has already confirmed that it will sport a 720 by 720-pixel display.

RIM will unveil its new BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th, 2013, at a number of launch events across the world (including Toronto).

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