Microsoft to update Windows Phone 8 with Apollo+ in Q1 2013?

Microsoft Windows PhoneMicrosoft is currently readying its first update for its Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. Codenamed Apollo+, it could be out as early as Q1 2013 according to @Football4PDA:

MS is going to roll out update for WP8 which is called Apollo+ in Q1 2013…

Citing unnamed sources, The Verge has a few additional details on the update. Aside from the typical bug fixes (including a Wi-Fi connection fix) and performance enhancements, it will include features that Microsoft was not able to deliver with the original version of Windows Phone 8 due to time constraints. Among these could be an improved notification center and some enterprise features such as VPN support.

Microsoft could formally announce Apollo+ at Mobile World Congress as a point release rather than a new major version. It will likely be the first Windows Phone update to be delivered over-the-air as Windows Phone 7 required that updates be done through their PCs.

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