Mugen offers 6400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note II

Mugen 6,400mAh battery for Samsung Galaxy Note IIThe Samsung Galaxy Note II comes with a sizeable 3,100mAh battery but should that prove not be enough for you, there is a new accessory you’ll be interested in. The Mugen HLI-N7100XL battery comes with 6,400mAh of capacity, over twice that of the original.

The Mugen HLI-N7100XL comes with a redesigned battery door to accommodate the new battery’s larger size. Best of all, the new door retains the device’s NFC capabilities and includes a kickstand. There is no information on exactly how much thicker it will make the Galaxy Note II though.

The Mugen is available now for pre-order for US$98.25. Orders taken now are expected to start shipping on December 28th, sadly not in time to make it under the Christmas tree. It will be available in black or white.

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