MWC 2012: Details on Windows Phone Tango

Microsoft Windows PhoneWithout officially confirming the Tango update, Microsoft announced that its Windows Phone operating system has been optimized for lower-specification devices. The update supports the cheaper Qualcomm 7x27a SoC and requires only 256MB to deliver “the buttery-smooth Windows Phone experience.” It also promises to run “nearly all of the applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.”

With Windows Phone, we’ve done the engineering so that nearly all of the current apps will just work on these new phones. Those apps that do need more power are flagged in the Marketplace so if you have one of these new phones with less memory you won’t unknowingly download an app that won’t run well.

The Tango update also adds a number of MMS features, including support for video and multiple images and a new voice notes feature allowing you to record one minute audio snippets.It also includes new language support for Malay and Indonesian, network requirements for China and an SMS bug fix.

According to The Verge, the Tango update will be pushed out to existing handsets but the timeline has not yet been finalized.

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