Next-generation iPad mini to sport Retina Display?

AppleThe next-generation Apple iPad mini may address one of the biggest complaints against the first-generation model: The lack of a high resolution display. According to Digitimes, enhancements in the iPad mini’s successor will focus primarily on the display.

The report adds that sources are still unsure whether the new tablet will use a Retina Display with a resolution of 2,058 by 1,536 pixels and 326 PPI or one with a somewhat lower resolution – but still higher than the current iPad mini’s XGA (1024×768) display. If so, Apple will need to address the higher power requirements of such a display.

The next-generation iPad mini may not launch until next fall if Apple’s past product refresh strategy is any indication.

Apple will also reportedly redesign the next iPad to use a single LED light bar instead of two to reduce the weight of that device.

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