Open webOS will not support existing webOS devices

Open webOSOpen webOS is expected to be released in September. In its latest progress update, the team revealed that existing webOS devices will not be supported by the open source version of webOS:

For Open webOS we are aiming for support on future hardware platforms where SoC’s support Linux 3.3+ kernel and where open source replacements for proprietary components are integrated. Existing devices cannot be supported because of those many proprietary components, including graphics, networking and lack of drivers for a modern kernel (but of course, there is the Community Edition for those interested in improving the TouchPad).

The news is sure to disappoint anyone who was hoping that Open webOS would enhance either their TouchPad tablet or Pre 3 and Veer smartphone. The post explains that these devices use proprietary drivers and processors that do not support the Linux Standard Kernel.

The next major milestone for the Open webOS team is the release of the beta version of the operating system sometime in August.

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