Poo Wi-Fi: Powering Wi-Fi using your dog’s poop

Did you know that your dog’s poop could get you free Wi-Fi? True but only if you live in Mexico City (so far). Mexican Internet portal Terra is currently running a pilot program that provides free Wi-Fi to dog owners who ‘poop and scoop.’

Basically, when a dog owner throws their bag of poop into a special box located in one of 10 parks, a number of free Wi-Fi minutes are provided based on the weight of said contribution. “The greater the weight, the more minutes are added — and everyone can enjoy a poo-free park.”

Nothing prevents people from throwing other waste into the bins but DDB Mexico, the agency behind the program, points out that this would also help keep the park cleaner. For now though, the bins are monitored by hostesses who pass out bags to collect the necessary “Wi-Fi fuel.”

Should we see such bins in more parks?

Read more: Creativity Online (Source: CBC)