RIM BlackBerry 10 R-Series will follow L and N Series?

Research In MotionResearch In Motion is widely expected to launch BlackBerry 10 with an all-touch L-Series device and a physical QWERTY keyboard N-Series one. Past rumours have suggested that RIM is also working on an additional series, the M-Series. Now comes word of a fourth series, the BlackBerry R-Series. This latest family of devices was apparently mentioned by ex-RIM employees over beers.

The R-Series will reportedly be RIM’s new Curve series and is intended for the low- to mid-market. No specifications were announced but the BlackBerry R-Series could be launched as early as May 2013. Maybe the company will use its BlackBerry World event, taking place May 14th to May 16th next year to unveil the new line.

An earlier rumour suggested that RIM would launch six BlackBerry devices 10 devices in the months following the launch of the operating system. With the rumoured new lines, it may be looking to quickly refresh its entire device portfolio with BlackBerry 7 devices to be offered only as low-end devices and in developing markets.

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