RIM guarantees BlackBerry 10 developers earnings of US$10,000 in first year

Research In MotionResearch In Motion today announced at its BlackBerry Jam keynote that it will guarantee developers earnings of at least US$10,000 on their BlackBerry 10 apps in the first year. If they make less, RIM will cut them a cheque for the difference.

BlackBerry 10 apps will earn $10K in the 1st year or RIM will write a cheque for whatever the difference is. (T&C apply, need quality, lol)

As CrackBerry‘s tweet indicates, RIM will have terms and conditions attached to the offer. In other words, developers will need to produce useful applications to participate.

Vibrant and healthy app ecosystems are now tied to the success and well-being of a mobile operating system. Companies have known this for some time now and have gone as far as giving developers incentives to develop for their platform. RIM has now taken this to a completely new level in recognition of this fact.

Read more: CrackBerry (via Twitter) (Source: The Verge)