RIM opens first BlackBerry Tech Center in England

Research In MotionResearch In Motion yesterday opened the doors to its first BlackBerry Tech Center in Slough, England. It offers dedicated workspace for BlackBerry 10 developers.

In addition to the regular stream of activity, the global BlackBerry Tech Centers will also provide a space for a wider range of developer engagement activities, while serving as an open, collaborative forum for our developers to share their experiences developing for BlackBerry 10.

The Tech Center will also offer access to a BlackBerry developer evangelist team. It will not only offer expertise and guidance but also provide help on specific topics on different days of the week. For examples, Mondays will focus on Native/Cascades™/Qt, BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML 5 will be Wednesday’s topic and Thursdays will be about iOS porting.

RIM will also open Tech Centers in additional locations including Silicon Valley, Indonesia and Vancouver.

The move is one more indication of much RIM understands that BlackBerry 10 alone will not be enough to sway customers over. It needs to offer a compelling app ecosystem as well and making sure that developers have all the necessary tools at hand is one way to achieve that.

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