Rumour: RIM BlackBerry 10 2013 roadmap revealed

Research In Motion last week announced the delay of the launch of its first BlackBerry 10 devices to Q1 2013. A leaked roadmap now gives us a sense of what RIM has in mind for the balance of 2012 as well as 2013. It looks like a busy year for BlackBerry 10, especially with devices with codenames we’re already heard of showing up!

Rumoured 2013 RIM BlackBerry 10 roadmap
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Things will get started in Q4 2012 with the launch of the 4G PlayBook (Winchester 2). These will launch with the current BlackBerry Tablet OS and will be upgraded to BlackBerry 10 (like all PlayBooks) in the Q1/Q2 time frame.

As widely expected, the BlackBerry L and N-series smartphones (respectively codenamed London and Nevada) lead things off in Q1. Both will launch in Europe about 3 or 4 weeks before their North American debut. The decision is attributed to European markets and media outlets being more receptive to BlackBerry than North America is these days.

The rumoured 10-inch PlayBook codenamed Blackforest is set for a Q3 launch, likely preloaded with BlackBerry 10.

The rumoured BlackBerry Nashville and Naples are set for Q2/Q3 and Q3/Q4 releases respectively. Both could be additional N-series devices (based on their codenames) but little is known about either still.

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