Rumours of Microsoft-RIM partnership resurface

Research In MotionResearch In Motion’s dismal quarter has reignited past rumours that the company could sell off a portion of its assets or partner up with someone else to survive. Citing “three sources familiar with the situation,” Reuters is reporting that RIM could form a partnership with Microsoft similar to the one that the latter has with Nokia. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer apparently reached out to RIM in recent months to discuss such an arrangement.

This partnership would see Microsoft buy a stake in RIM and fund marketing an other expenses. In return, RIM would abandon BlackBerry 10 and adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 for future devices.

The report adds that RIM’s board does not favour this option as it would put an end to the company’s independence. The board still prefers to focus on BlackBerry 10. Nokia’s own struggles to turn its fortunes around after switching to Windows Phone also likely suggest that such a move would be not be a sure fire way for RIM to get back on its feet.

RIM is also considering an outright sale or spin-off of either its hardware business or its proprietary network.

The delay of BlackBerry 10 into 2013 will only heighten the pressure on RIM’s management and board to take some kind of action.

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