Samsung BlackBerry 10 licensing rumours resurface

Research In MotionSamsung earlier this year dispelled rumours that it was considering licensing RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system or even buying the company. But you can’t keep a good rumour down. According to BGC Partners analyst Collin Gillis, Samsung could make a minority investment in RIM to the tune of US$1.5 billion. The move would allow it to use BlackBerry 10 in future devices.

Samsung is reportedly nervous about Google’s Motorola acquisition and what it could mean for other Android licensees. Gillis adds that Samsung has other options, including its own Bada operating system or licensing Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system instead.

As for when such a move could happen, Gillis suggests that we will know better in the fall “when we see how much the platform has deteriorated.” RIM is expected to launch its first BlackBerry smartphone before the end of the year. Its reception could well decide whether Samsung jumps on board or not.

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