Sony Xperia X to be dual-SIM version of Xperia Z?

Past rumours have suggested that the Sony Yuga (Xperia Z) and the Sony Odin (Xperia X) may be very similar in terms of specifications but very different when it comes to looks. A rumour yesterday indicated that the Xperia X may be a somewhat cheaper variant of the Xperia Z which looks set to become Sony’s next flagship device. The truth may be somewhat different if Vietnamese website SECafe is to be believed.

This latest rumour suggests that the Xperia X will be a dual-SIM version of the Xperia Z. It adds that the Xperia X will be slightly thicker and heavier than the Yuga and will sport a textured or striped pattern on the back. It will also have a small back cover to allow the user to hotswap SIM cards without having to reboot the phone as well as access the microSD card. It will not be dust and waterproof like the Xperia Z.

Most interesting is the suggestion that the front-facing camera will be located on the bottom right of the device. This seems a bit strange at first but Sony may have a reason for placing it in this odd position. The light sensor will be in the upper left.

The device handled by SECafe‘s source was a prototype so there may be some changes before the design is finalized.

Sony is expected to unveil both the Xperia Z and Xperia X early next month at CES 2013.

Read more: SECafe (in Vietnamese) [Google translation] (Source: XperiaBlog)