TELUS announces new handset trade-in program

TELUS MobilityTELUS Mobility today unveiled a new trade-in program that will allow its customers to receive in-store credit for old devices. This credit can then be applied towards a new device. The program will allow customers to trade in up to three phones, mobile Internet keys or mobile Wi-Fi devices for a maximum combined value of CA$200. The credit can then be applied to a new device or accessories.

“Putting our customers first is at the core of what we do at TELUS, and that means we are listening and understand they want to upgrade devices more easily and more often,” said Brent Johnston, TELUS vice-president of mobility solutions. “Over the last few years, we’ve launched a number of initiatives making our service easier and more transparent. We have applied the same principles to our new trade-in program. It’s a smart and future friendly way for our customers to get to their next device faster by trading in their current device for credit toward the latest and greatest smartphones and accessories.”

Even devices considered worthless can be traded in. TELUS will donate CA$3 to Tree Canada for such devices.

The announcement follows a survey that found that 61 percent of Canadians have up to five old cell phones lying around at home. 82 percent added that they would hand in these old devices if they were disposed of properly. 61 percent also said that they would like to trade these old phones in if they get something in return.

Customers will need to pay the balance on the device price after the credit is applied. At the same time, the customer enters into a new three-year contract.

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