Two new RIM BlackBerry L-Series pictures leaked

With all the new devices being announced this month, Research In Motion and its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices have slipped a bit from our radar. At last word, they are still on track to launch their new devices in early 2013 with an all-touch device to lead things off. N4BB has landed new pictures of this L-Series smartphone:

Rumoured BlackBerry L-Series device

Rumoured BlackBerry L-Series device

There are no new details to go with the pictures though.

It remains to be seen if RIM will announce the BlackBerry L-Series and N-Series at the upcoming BlackBerry Jam Americas at the end of September. The company had previously revealed that it would announce both devices at the same time without giving a specific timeframe. Hardware design is complete and the software nearly so and RIM has begun to shop its new devices to carriers in preparation for the launch.

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