Video: “Next is Now… More than Ever” looks at Internet technology in Canada

About two years ago, Rogers released its “Next is Now” video that looked at how communications technology is changing the lives of Canadians. A lot has changed since then and Rogers has revisited this topic to look at how things stand now. Today, it released a sequel video called “Next is Now… More than Ever.”

According to Rob Switzman, Senior Director, Emerging Business and Rogers Futurist, Rogers is keen to understand how Canadians use technology and the Internet in particular. The video expresses its findings that the Internet is quickly becoming essential (and already is for many).

Among the statistics shared, the most interesting for me were:

  • People spend more than 2 hours a day glancing at their smartphones
  • 90% of Internet traffic will be video within three years
  • Mobile Internet speeds will increase nine-fold over the next four years

One thing that I liked about the video is that Rogers provided references for each stat on the YouTube page where it is posted.

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