WIND Mobile not interested in Apple iPhone?

WIND MobileIn an interview with the Edmonton Journal, WIND Mobile’s COO Pietro Cordova shared some thoughts on how the carrier is faring as well as one of the the industry’s top smartphones.

With about 560,000 customers now onboard, WIND Mobile has established itself as Canada’s fourth largest carrier. But the carrier has found the market tougher than it had expected. It had originally wanted to have 1.5 million subscribers within the first three years of operation. “I believe the Canadian market is a slow market so it’s up to us to keep on delivering so more and more people will actually trust us,” Cordova said. He added that part of the challenge was that potential customers were still unsure of WIND’s long term viability. “It tells you the story of how Canadians look at things and if we continue delivering we will gain traction because the customers that are with us are happy… and I think that this is spreading,” he added.

Asked about the Apple iPhone, one of the most sought after smartphones, Cordova downplayed its importance to the carrier. “The iPhone 5, or iPhone in general, is not a huge factor for us. Clearly, our customer base is not necessarily a customer base that is entirely interested in those kinds of phones,” he said. He added that the carrier did not see “any real slowdown in our sales even in the peak weeks of the launch of the iPhone 5.”

What Cordova failed to add is that WIND Mobile cannot sell the iPhone because Apple has never offered an AWS variant. It’s more than likely that Cordova and WIND Mobile would love to be able to offer the iPhone to their customers as it is one of the few devices that could sway new customers over

Would you switch over if WIND Mobile offered an iPhone?

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