WIND Mobile tops 450,000 subscribers at end of Q2 2012

WIND MobileWIND Mobile continues to pick up subscribers, adding another 41,522 over the past quarter. According to Orascom Telecom’s latest financial results, the Canadian carrier now has 456,886 in total, up from 415,364 in Q1 2012.

According to the filing:

The company maintained a special focus on handsets, continuing to target the needs of its “Value Plus” customer segment. WIND Mobile strengthened the midrange lineup with the launch of the Lumia 700 and Samsung Galaxy Q. Wind Mobile, simultaneous with the Big 3, launched the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 which is becoming Wind Mobile’s bestselling handset. Wind Mobile focused on raising awareness with the “WINDimonial” mixed media advertising campaign, shining a spotlight on over 450,000 customers by featuring real customer testimonials.

The company continued to expand its network by launching the city of Barrie and paid special focus on improving its quality in existing markets, increasing its on Air site count to more than 1,200 sites.

WIND Mobile is reportedly looking to have 600,000 subscribers by the end of the year according to a leaked internal email. This is significantly less than the 1.5 million subscribers it had set as a goal before launching in 2009.

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