Windows Phone license cost revealed?

Microsoft Windows Phone logoThe UK launch today of the ZTE Tania may have revealed a bit more than just the latest Windows Phone smartphone. According to Trusted Reviews, ZTE UK Portfolio Manager Santiago Sierra revealed that a Windows Phone license costs between £15 and £20 (US$23 to US$31). License costs are typically guarded secrets and this revelation suggests that Microsoft sells its licenses for more than many had estimated.

Should this pricing be accurate, it would make the license one of the more expensive components of a Windows Phone device. Ironically, Microsoft last week also announced that patent licensing deals with Android device manufacturers now cover 70% of Android smartphones sold in the U.S. A good portion if not all of the savings from using Android, which Google gives away for free, are likely lost to licensing costs. Essentially, the playing field may not be so uneven.

Read more: Trusted Reviews (Source: WMPowerUser)