Windows Phone Samsung Mandel confirmed by UAProf?

Rumours had suggested that AT&T would introduce three new Windows Phone devices at CES 2012. Only two, the HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900, were announced with the Samsung Mandel missing in action. While it remains unclear why it was not announced, a UAProf document obtained by PocketNow suggests that the device does in fact exist.

UAProf for Samsung Mandel

The document for the Samsung SGH-i667 shows a device with a WVGA screen resolution and Internet Explorer as the browser, suggesting it is a Windows Phone device. The “SGH-i” prefix hints at an AT&T device. The document also confirms LTE connectivity. Together, it all points to it being the Samsung Mandel.

Did Samsung and AT&T decide to postpone the announcement? Could it be instead announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress? Stay tuned…

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