Amazon smartphone to finally launch in 2014?

AmazonWith the Amazon smartphone having failed to materialize in 2013 much as they did in 2012, the latest rumours now suggest that the oft-rumoured smartphone is finally coming in 2014. According to Digitimes‘ hit-and-miss “sources with Taiwan’s supply chain,” Amazon will launch it sometime in the first half of 2014.

The report adds that the smartphone will come with floating touch technology with six CCMs (compact camera modules) to detect sensing input. Primax will reportedly supply more than half of the CCM’s Amazon needs.

The rumour supports earlier reports that Amazon was working on two smartphones including a high-end one that would feature a 3D eye-tracking interface. Codenamed Smith, this device have cameras positioned at each corner to track the user’s head and eye movements to offer a 3D-like interface. It could even let users peek around corners to see items not directly visible from the front. It might also come with image recognition software to match real-world objects to Amazon products for purchase.

Both this high-end and its cheaper 3D-less sibling are rumoured to use Qualcomm chipsets and come with LTE connectivity. Both will likely also use Amazon’s FireOS, a forked and heavily modified version of Google Android.

Amazon has found success with its line of Kindle tablets and e-readers and has been rumoured to be eyeing the smartphone market since 2011. Whether it finally makes its move in 2014 remains to be seen.

Source : Digitimes