Is this the Android-powered Nokia Normandy?

Rumoured Nokia NormandyWith Microsoft set to acquire Nokia’s Device business in 2014 for a cool US$7.2 billion, an Android-powered Nokia device is unlikely to ever hit the street. But rumours have suggested that Nokia was working and may even still be working on such a device. Codenamed the Nokia Normandy, we now have another picture of this device, once again courtesy of the usually reliable @evleaks.

The new image reveals nothing new but once again shows what appears to be a single ‘Back’ capacitive button. An assortment of the usual Nokia colours is also on exhibit in the image.

An earlier report revealed that the Nokia Normandy would be a low-cost Android smartphone that could eventually replace Nokia’s Asha line of devices. Powered by a forked version of Android (much as Amazon does with its Kindle Fire tablets), it would run all of Android’s top apps. It is likely aimed at emerging markets.

At this point, Nokia is reportedly still moving “full steam ahead” with the Nokia Normandy but that could change once the Microsoft acquisition is finalized in early 2014. As with many other tweets, @evleaks‘ tweet includes the presumed launch year. Listed as 2013, could it be a hint that the device has already been cancelled?

Source : @evleaks