Apple iPhone 5S to come with 4.3-inch display?

Apple iPhone 5 - Back viewFollowing rumours that Apple was facing production delays over its new iPhone 5S, a new report suggests instead that Apple may have decided to delay the launch of its next iPhone in order to increase the size of its display to a 4.3-inch one. Bloomberg reports that, according to the Taiwan-based Economic Times, the decision will push out the launch from September or October to the end of the year. A second report by BrightWire News indicates that Apple stopped production of the iPhone 5S processor back in May in order to make the necessary changes to the overall design.

Reports to date have indicated that the iPhone 5S would be very similar to the current iPhone 5 model, including a 4-inch display.

Apple is still expected to unveil its cheaper iPhone model in the fall time frame.

Apple is not known for making rash decisions. Would it really miss the opportunity to launch its new iPhone model in time for the holiday season? It seems odd and farfetched that Apple would choose to compete against a wave of new smartphones with a year-old model especially as overall smartphone sales appear to be slowing. Until supporting evidence surfaces, this one will remain strictly in the rumours category.

Let us know below if you would wait a few more months if it means that the iPhone 5S would come with a larger 4.3-inch display.

Sources : Bloomberg // CNET