Apple planning two budget iPhone versions: Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone?

Rumoured iPhone Zagato detailsA new report suggests that Apple will launch two versions of its upcoming budget iPhone (or iPhone Lite or iPhone mini?). The two will be very similar and will share the same 4-inch display and 1GB of RAM. But the iPhone ‘Zenvo’ will have a different processor and connectivity options than the iPhone ‘Zagato/Bertone.’

The iPhone Zenvo will be powered by a ‘H5P dual-core’ Samsung processor. It will also come with 1GB of RAM and support for FDD 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. Whether it will support LTE is not immediately clear.

The iPhone Zagato/Bertone will feature an unidentified ‘H6P’ processor and TDD 4G LTE support, suggesting that it is intended for China.

The report includes another picture of backplates in a variety of colours.

Rumoured budget iPhone backplates

Interestingly, while the devices are meant to be cheaper versions of the iPhone, Apple has chosen the names of high-end car designers as codenames.

Source : PhoneArena