Apple’s Bob Mansfield steps down from SVP role to take on “special projects”

AppleLess than a year after taking over leadership of a new group called Technologies, Bob Mansfield has again stepped away from Apple’s executive team. Mansfield had been wooed back to Apple in October 2012 as part of a management shakeup after retiring in June 2012.

Rumours began to circulate over the weekend after Mansfield’s biography disappeared from the company’s website. Apple later confirmed the move with company spokesman Steve Dowling telling AllThingsD that “Bob is no longer going to be on Apple’s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to [CEO] Tim [Cook].” No additional information about the sudden move was provided.

Mansfield’s return to Apple came with a very substantial benefits package. Rumours suggest that it could be as worth as much as US$2 million a month in cash and stock options.

It’s not clear if Apple will bring on someone new to take over the Technologies group or if the role will be phased out. It’s also unclear what “special projects” Mansfield will be heading up. Could Mansfield have asked or been tasked to work on Apple’s iWatch project, particularly if recent rumours of design challenges are true?

Feel free to speculate further below!


Source : AllThingsD