ASUS continues to tease IFA 2013 Transformer announcement

IFA 2013 ASUS teaserASUS is continuing the countdown to its IFA 2013 announcement with additional teaser images. It all started last week with a Facebook post that told us to “Get ready as Asus unveils exciting new products at IFA.” The first teaser image hinted at a tablet device, leading us to speculate that ASUS would announce a new new convertible Transformer Pad tablet. Two more images have been posted on the ASUS Facebook page since along with additional blurbs:

We transform your perception! Get ready for the evolution of an iconic notebook design.

We transform your creativity! Prepare for a new format and endless possibilities.

The iconic cover seen on the image above is further evidence that a new Transformer tablet is coming. The latest image suggests that it will gain a new digitizer pen.

IFA 2013 ASUS Transformer teaser

While ASUS is still expected to unveil a new Transformer tablet, the mention of a  new “iconic notebook design” suggests that it has either undergone a significant form factor change or ASUS could unveil more than one product. For example, perhaps a new Zenbook could be in the cards as well.

All should be revealed on September 4th. Needless to say, we will bring you all the developments as they happen.

Source : Facebook (ASUS)