ASUS unveils TransKeyboard for tablets of all sizes

ASUS TransKeyboardASUS is well known for its line of Transformer tablets that allows tablets to be converted into laptops thanks to optional keyboard accessories. Now they have unveiled a new keyboard accessory called the ASUS TransKeyboard that will effectively accomplish the same for all of its tablets (and presumably tablets from its competitors) and even some of the larger smartphones.

The TransKeyboard is a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard that features an integrated cover. When you open the cover up, it can be folded to become a stand for your tablet or smartphone, propping it upright. Made of a durable microfiber, it also comes with magnets that can fasten and secure the tablet in place. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB port to keep it charged. The video below shows you how it works:

The ASUS TransKeyboard measures 260 by 130 by 10 millimeters and weighs 246 grams. It supports both Android (4.2.2 and up) and Windows 8 tablets and supports sized up to 10 inches.

ASUS TransKeyboard

There is no word yet on pricing and availability.

Source : ASUS