Canadian pricing for the upcoming Surface Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft yesterday announced that the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet would hit stores on February 9th. As expected, Canadian pricing will be slightly higher than U.S. pricing. The 64GB model will sell for CA$919 and the 128GB model for CA$1019. Much as we saw with the Surface RT pricing, Canadian pricing adds a CA$20 premium to the U.S. pricing. This is somewhat surprising as the Canadian dollar is now stronger than the U.S. one. You can probably chalk it up to additional transportation and distribution costs for Canada.

The optional Touch and Type Covers will continue to sell for CA$129 and CA$139 respectively.

Microsoft Canada also announced the 64GB version of the Surface Windows RT will be available in a new 64GB standalone version for CA$619. Previously only available with a bundled black Touch Cover, customers will now be able to choose what if any Cover they want to buy.

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available in Canada from the Microsoft retail stores,, and a number of other still-unspecified “locations.”

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