Eastlink to launch wireless network on February 15th?

Canada could have a new carrier by the end of the next week. According to TechVibes, Eastlink will finally launch its wireless network on February 15th. Initial coverage will include Nova Scotia, the company’s home province, and Prince Edward Island.

At one point, Eastlink had been expected to launch its wireless network in 2011. But it has not been in a rush to launch with company CEO Lee Bragg explaining last year that, “There’s no first to market advantage for us, we’re not in a big panic. We really want to do this right.”

There are no specific details about the launch yet (especially as Eastlink has not announced it yet). Information about devices available, plans offered will come with the imminent announcement. With Eastlink offering other services such as cable and internet to customers, you can count the company offering new service bundles that include wireless.

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