Famed @evleaks reveals identity

@evleaksFor the last two years, the @evleaks Twitter account has revealed countless upcoming smartphones, tablets, device names and device images not only regularly but also with impressive reliability. Yesterday, the person behind the @evleaks Twitter handle chose to leave behind anonymity. In an interview with AndroidPolice yesterday, Evan Blass revealed himself to be the famous @evleaks.

Before becoming @evleaks, Blass worked for websites such as Engadget (where he trained Joshua Topolksy and Nilay Patel who are now The Verge‘s Editor In Chief and Managing Editor respectively) and PocketNow among other projects.

Asked why he decided to come out now, Blass explained: ” Eventually someone was going to out me, and I wanted to take that off the table as much as I could. However, my “coming out” had all the impact of…well, nothing.”

Fortunately, Blass does not appear quite ready to hang up his hat as the famed @evleaks leaker that has provided us with so many stories over the years. Asked whether he would now continue, he said, “I’ve always thought of @evleaks as more of a pen name than a mask, so in my mind, nothing has really changed. I guess that remains to be seen, though.”

Check out the AndroidPolice interview for more insights into @evleaks.

Source : AndroidPolice