Huawei readying new MediaPad 10 (S10-232ua) for 2014

Huawei S10-232uaHuawei looks to be readying a new MediaPad 10 tablet for 2014. A new 10.1-inch tablet sporting model number S10-232ua as the only identifier has surfaced on the Bluetooth SIG’s website.

Based on the description, it looks like it will once again use a Huawei processor and sport the usual connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as 3G (although the original sported 4G LTE). Even the image shows a device nearly identical to the original model.

S10-232ua is a 10.1-inch tablet that incorporates Hislicon processo [sic].With support for 3G,WIFI and BT data connections,provides users with unprecedented access to high-speed internet services. With an aluminum-alloy housing and ultra-thin 8.8 mm design, S10-232ua is stylish,slim,and easy to carry.S10-232uaT’s sound technology,delivers superb audiovisual quality,when users are taking photos,playing game,watching HD movies,or listening to music.

There is no word at this point on when Huawei could launch this new MediaPad 10. The original one was unveiled at MWC 2012 so it could make a return at MWC 2014 or perhaps sooner at CES 2014. When it does, it looks like it will launch across the world based on the filing’s “Geographic availability” information.

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Source : Bluetooth SIG