Image of the Apple iPhone 5S on the Assembly Line?

Rumoured Apple iPhone 5S on the assembly line?

Another set of Apple iPhone 5S images is making the rounds today.

On the heels of yesterday’s images that focused on internal components, a new one, first posted on the Chinese blogging service Sina Weibo, shows iPhone 5S display components on an assembly line. The new picture gives some credibility to prior rumours that production of the next-generation iPhone had started.

A separate image gives us a closer look at an Apple iPhone 5S display assembly next to one from the Apple iPhone 5. They appear quite similar but sport different flex connectors. This latest picture reaffirms rumours that the iPhone 5S will look very similar to the iPhone 5 but sport a number of internal enhancements.

Apple iPhone 5S front panel

If the Apple iPhone 5S is already on the assembly line, could Apple make an announcement and launch it before the fall time frame that most have been expecting? With iOS 7 not expected until the fall, that appears unlikely unfortunately.

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