Leaked codenames hint at new devices

Question markWe often first hear about upcoming devices through their development codenames. Two recent examples include the HTC M6 which became the HTC One and the Nokia EOS which launched as the Nokia Lumia 1020. @evleaks is back with a fresh batch of codenames to leave us wondering what manufacturers are working on for us. Five devices are identified with codenames that we have not heard of before:

  • Nokia Rivendale
  • HTC Z4
  • Amazon GLP70
  • Lenovo Aupres
  • Lenovo Snoopy

There is no information to go with these and only one, the Amazon GLP70, is remotely familiar given that the online retailer has reportedly been working on a Kindle smartphone for some time now.

We’ll have to see if these names resurface in the coming weeks and months.

Source : @evleaks