Lenovo to split into Lenovo and Think business units

According to a leaked internal email, Lenovo is planning to split itself into two different business units later this year. The first group will retain the Lenovo name and will focus on mid- and low-range products while the second one, named Think, will focus on high-end products. The email from CEO Yang Yuanqing explains that the Lenovo name still does not have the same brand cachet as the Think one. Yang sees the Think brand as taking on high-end competitors such as Apple with its own innovative and high-end products.

The split is scheduled to take place in April. The Lenovo Business Group will focus on mainstream desktops, laptops, tablets, smart TVs as well as its smartphones. It will be led by Senior Vice President (Mobile Internet Digital Home) Liu Jun. The Think Business Group will become its flagship brand and is set to expand the reach of its Think products into the consumer space. It will be led by Senior Vice President (Product Group) Dr. Peter Hortensius.

It remains to be seen if we will see smartphones and tablets under the new Think brand or if it will limit itelf to PCs.

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